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About the book

The Ups and Downs of Almost Dying is the story of an unruly decade. In 65 quick and eclectic pieces, Kieran recounts his physical and emotional recovery from an accident that nearly killed him. Brimming with variety, Kieran’s autobiography will lead you everywhere from glaciers to flamingos to carbon atoms to saffron, and pull you closer to his story with every step. 

It’s 50% popular science documentary, 50% memoir, and 50% oddball comedy. Yes—there’s more than a whole book between these covers. 

In The Ups and Downs of Almost Dying, Kieran takes an unflinching look back at breaking—and his strange, wandering path to wholeness. Excruciating, fascinating, and hilarious, it is the unconventional self-portrait of a man who made a horrific mistake and managed to end up better than ever because of it.